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Gehn.14 Now Available

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Proving that the Guild is constantly busy, the Guild of Writers has released a new version of Gehn shard, very soon after the last release and just before the party they are planning on having there!

The list of changes in this version include:

  • Enable KI Light
  • Fix Ahnoying Quabs
  • Fix avatar headshots
  • Fix crash-causing race condition in clone loading
  • Fix crash in /look command
  • Fix incorrect instance-naming
  • Fix invites going out to everybody on the shard
  • Fix notifications for KI mails not sent to you
  • Fix PRP updates not being added to the resource manager
  • Fix server race condition that could hose login attempts
  • Fix some unresponsive footstep regions
  • Fix Teledahn camera issues
  • Fix widescreen FOV distortion
  • Fix Zandi welcoming himself to CleftCom
  • Mop crazy glue off floors and stairs
  • Realign alternate time frames

Be sure to log in and download the latest upgrades.  Don't forget to visit the GoW forums to report any other bugs you may encounter as well!

Nota di Traduzione: Viene mostrata la versione in Inglese di questo contenuto perché la traduzione in Italiano non è disponibile.
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Maybe it's "Cleft.com"?

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Welcome to CleftCom... This is CleftCom... Welcome...

Ritratto di Ahlisendar

Anything is possible at CleftCom... anything at all... the only limit... is these annoying fences that are only about 2 feet high but you still can't jump over them...


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